Diaries, illusions, and Hallucinations of a Palestinian in Beirut!

Diaries, illusions, and Hallucinations of a Palestinian in Beirut!


When I lunched this blog –September 2012- I made few promises to myself, one of those promises was to tell the story, which story exactly? I really don’t know! What I knew at that time that a story exists and someone has to tell it.

Today’s story is about disappointment, its mainly about a young Syrian man who joined Damascus Law School 5 years ago, thinking that he will make the world a better place. How fool a human being can be? When I went to the university to register for Law School, I was pretty confused, asking myself whether I am doing the right thing. And then, year by year I was feeling more convinced about the greatness of my choice.

Few days ago, we had a friendly discussion with people involved in documentation of war crimes, for the very first time, I felt dump! According to what some experts said about Assad’s regime: We SYRIANS so far have no proofs (written ones I mean) against the regime. How can we take him to the court?

Airstrikes’ orders are transmitted through words for instance!


I am not writing poetry anyway more! It’s an indicator that I am not stable at all!


Shall I pack? Pack to go where exactly?

Oh maybe I should pack just for packing!

We have history of packing, the first time my family packed goes back to 1946, when my gradpa shouted at my grandma asking here to pack because the Isreali said so! My family settled in Dar’aa at that time.

Then during the 70s, they packed again and moved to Damascus’s suburbs (Jobar) and then during 80s they packed again (grandpa was super angry at that point) and moved to Libya. And finally Momar Ghadafi was super angry and here we are on the road again packing to go back to Syria and to Yarmouk camp exactly !

And here I am, 2 months ago, I packed to Beirut !

And I am so sick of packing, thinking seriously to pack some shit and go back to the presidential palace, maybe he is just hungry, maybe he is just another guy sick of packing and willing to kill 10 million Syrian inorder not to pack !






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حاكيني وخود الغلة !

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