What if Yarmouck Camp was at Gaza Strip?

Myrtle Ahmad Cosa (23  years) who was killed during January 2013 at Yarmouck camp by a sniper while bringing food for besieged families

According to the page of Yarmouck Camp’s Networks Union and while I am writing down the words of this blog, Yarmouck Camp undergoes continuous heavy shelling  by a mortar each 30 second. What if Yarmouck Camp was at Gaza Strip?

Would the number of mortars decrease? I guess so.

2-1-2012: Mohmmad from Yarmouck Camp writes down on his FB profile:  ((For god’s sake, Palestine hospital at Yarmouck Camp needs any help you can offer, doctors, nurses, medical aid workers, medical staffs, anyone can help, please come and join us))

Yesterday I was thinking of Israel, as occupier to the country in which my grandpa once planted an olive tree 100 years ago.  Then I thought of Syria, as a state forcing hundreds of thousands of Syrians to leave their homeland, scattering them all over the world, from Lebanon to Sweden.  Depriving them from the houses they build with salt and blood. Strangely my understanding of Israel as an occupying country stayed without any mental or emotional interaction until the camp was bombed and shelled.

The regime is shelling Yarmouck Camp constantly, Rami Describes what happened at Basel Hospital: ( when they targeted Abd Al Qadir Mosque, they knew that the school of Falloujeh is nearby and that hundreds of families took shelter at the school, and they knew too that the hospital is just next to the mosque and the airstrike would affect the hospital).

This operation resulted tens of victims and up to date we didn’t hear of any accurate stats.

While the Palestinian ambassador (Mahmoud Al Khalidi) sits in his comfortable house at Dumar Project, without taking any action, not even moving his office and supporting people of the camp, and the international recognition of Palestine as a state didn’t change a lot, just title, changing (Al Khalidi) from a represent of the PA to an ambassador, all this diplomatic facts are bullshit, Palestinian should die like Syrian, or maybe a bit more, and then maybe those who doubt the belong of Palestinians to Syria would shut up !

Each Syrian is a Palestinian today, and each Palestinian is Syrian and maybe a little bit more, the Palestinian in Syria became a full citizen today, a citizen who doesn’t need recognition from anyone or any authority.

I miss Israelis, they are so good with Palestinians !!!




حاكيني وخود الغلة !

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