Solidarity week with Syrian Students in Assad prisons

Solidarity week with Syrian Universities’ Students in Syrian prisons

Damascus, Syria:

“Hey there, my name is Wa’ad, I am your peer at the university. 2 years ago, I came to the campus, I knew nothing at that time, I saw another guy standing by the wall, I asked him about the place of lectures, he said to me: I am new here, lets search together. And by then, I met my friend Tarek and we started together our friendship in education and life. We used to drink coffee every day, and attend same lectures in same classes, we were even in the same study group, and in the same projects, we loved same subjects and failed the very same. We prospected to the 2ed year, but the campus’ atmosphere changed, we started seeing a 1st student with a gun dragging down the corridor a senior student. I even saw once, a bunch of students dragging a girl from her “hijab” down to the car of the security agents, her friends were standing completely speechless”

Throughout Facebook, a group of activists announced the week of 5th of March as “Solidarity and loyalty Week” with Syrian Students arrested by regime’s forces. The campaign launched under the name of “A promise I made, my university”, was organized by facebook account and sponsored by the Union of free Syrian Students, Damascus Branch. and other groups all over Syria.

The translated paragraph at the beginning of this blog is part of the campaign’s introduction

The main principles of this initiative were characterized in few points:

–          A promise I made to my university and my peers, that I will tell the story and say the truth about the violations of peer thugs students of (National Union of Syrian Students) who terrorize and arrest other opposition students all over Syria.

–          A promise I made to my university and my peers that I will tell the story of each arrested student, and I will publish his/her photo, and solider ate with him/her.

–          I will boycott each student hits another, and I will encourage others to let him alone

–          I will never accept any kind of violence inside the campus of any Syrian university, and I will work to stop it by any peaceful mean I have.

What Can I do to support the struggle of Syrian Students?

–          Contact me any time, I can give you Info, pictures, power points, whatever you need

–          Let’s talk to others, you are university student, talk to your friends, tell them about us, tell them about Assad crimes.

–          Go to VDC website, Violations Documentation Center: wonderful web sites where you can see the updated numbers of Syrian victims.

Google the following FB pages (Union Of Free Syrian Students) and like them, you will find many pages in Arabic and English and some in French, chose what suits you and stay tuned with Syrian Students News and their struggle for freedom.

Viva the revolution, Viva the Syrian People


حاكيني وخود الغلة !

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