A call for action from Yarmouck Camp

Union of NGOs at Yarmouck Camp Syria

May 2013 a call for action published by Union of Relief Organizations at Yarmouck Camp for Palestinian refugees in Syria urged that the humanitarian crisis at Yarmouck Camp and its surroundings are reaching very worrying levels.

The same call for action was circulated again in the last few days of the current month July, due to the continuous humanitarian crisis of 200 thousand refugee besieged by regime forces since more than 5 months.

The call for action addressed all people of the world, Islamic countries and international community mentioning some heart breaking facts about the humanitarian crisis at the largest camps of Palestinian refugees in the neighboring countries of Palestine.

The call is general drew attention to the continuous and growing crisis, concentrating  on some critical points that risk the lives of hundreds of thousands among them hundreds of kids and babies.

The most important points of the call are:

–         so far, we managed to track more than 25 suicide attempts at Palestinian Camps in Syria. Most of them are girls.

–         Urgent needs of milk for babies, clothes, medications, and Diapers.

–         Hundreds of families are coming apart

–         Shutters are overcrowded and uninhabitable

–         UNRWA is giving one pack of food for 200 thousand families. (500 packs per day), which means 400 days to cover everyone (some families will get its share after 1 year)

–          Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC)  refuses to help (let the UNRWA help you)

–         All Palestinian institutions are not working including Palestinian Arab Red Crescent (PARC)

–         All operating NGOs within the camp need urgent help and support on all levels

–         Volunteers of these NGOs need any possible help to continue their duties in supporting people in and outside the camp

–         We need any medical, food, health supplies

–         We need Medic teams as soon as possible

–         Otherwise expect a humanitarian crisis very soon

Yarmouck Camp is a great example of civil work and engagement, many NGOs are taking a huge responsibility to feed and heal around 200 thousand person, providing them with electricity and building up graves for falling people of the camp. Those organizations are in need for our full support and solidarity otherwise we can’t blame any single young civil activist for taking up a weapon and defending him self against the barbaric gangs of Assad.

This is a call for history


حاكيني وخود الغلة !

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