The age of Palestinophobia, Lebanon for instance.

Mahmoud Darwish once wrote: “The Kurd has nothing except the wind”, he knew at the time that this is non-arguable for the Palestinian, who hardly had the wind.

Since 1948 the Palestinian had nothing, when my family came to Syria, they had nothing, and when they immigrated from Deraa, south of Syria, to Jobar, Damascus and then Yarmouk, they had nothing, therefore my father lost his sight because of a silly illness, that could have been treated with a silly eye drop, but the Palestinian, then, had nothing but the wind.

On the eve of 5th of May 2014, 49 Palestinians from Syria were deported from Beirut International Airport by an administrative order issued by the Lebanese General Security, the accusation was: “falsifying visas to Libya”, all the calls to check with the Libyan embassy in Beirut went in vain, three of the deported chose to get off the bus carrying them home, in the no man’s land between Lebanon and Syria, they remain since the 5th of May, wanted for the military service in the Army of Liberation of Palestine, which follows administratively to the Army of Bashar, they chose to stay under the open sky rather than serving to die.

Lebanon, the anti-Palestinian land, seems to escalate its unwritten agreements against the Palestinians of Syria. Yesterday 8 men were stopped and accused according to eye-witnesses of holding invalid residencies, though they are in Lebanon less than a month ago. Their destiny remains unknown.

They said that they want to regulate the entrance of Palestinians from Syria to Lebanon, it seems they want to stop the Palestinians in Syria from coming to Lebanon at all? Why to lock them in Syria? is it only about the demographics? And why to push people towards more desperation? Jordan is closed since tens of years, but why to close Lebanon now? Is it the new era of Palestinophobia or something else?

I have no clue, yet.




حاكيني وخود الغلة !

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