They Work, Live & Love While 50 Earthquicks Erupt

While you were watching the video above, tens of barrel bombs could have rained the cities and villages of Syria. A tradition of death enjoyed and executed by the air forces of Assad regime since at least 3 years. Barrel bombs generate what feels like an earth quick and sometimes 50 earth quick a day.(Read HRW report: Syria: New Spate of Barrel Bomb Attacks)

The Women Support the White Helmets

The women and men who stand in the face of those daily, man-manufactured earth quicks are called Syria Civil Defense a.k.a The White HelmetsThey emerged from a constant and urgent need to counter the effect of the daily intensive and arbitrary bombardment of the Syrian regime, mostly due to the deadly indiscriminate weapon known as barrel bomb.

The Barrel Bomb explained in 30 seconds.

The Baby Who Was Stronger Than The Barrel Bomb And Three Collapsing Roofs

Today we are trying to help those White Helmets who were injured among those heroes while saving others’ lives.  In couple of days, we want to reach 100.000$. We are already at 83.000$. Read why you should contribute and what statements you would be making by either your donation or spreading the word around. (You Too, Can Lift The Rubble In Syria)

Support #HeroFund HERE

83.000 Let's raise a Hero Fund for Syria’s injured volunteer rescue workers

What Can You Do?

– Subscribe to the newsletter of The Syria Campaign

Sign the petition to urge UN to move and stop the barrel bombs

Like Syria Civil Defense Facebook Page to keep posted

– Most importantly, Donate and circulate #HeroFund to get those men and women back on their feet.

2 thoughts on “They Work, Live & Love While 50 Earthquicks Erupt

  1. The white helmets have been on many videos together with Al Nusra and other jihadists, many videos appear staged (as been done many times since 2011) . They do not deserve our support.
    Also stop your naive focus on barrel bombs (I know its a meme by publicists) ; they are if anything less lethal than normal bombs currently being dropped on say Yemen or Palestine. Being against those wars does not pay as well I guess.I also note your lack of concern for the majority of Aleppans who suffer from hell cannon and mortar bombardment on a daily basis.

    1. Hi FkDah,
      The White Helmets are Syrians who decided to save other Syrians from Assad/Russia or the international Coalition bombs. I enjoy how annoyed you are by their mere existence; the thing dear friend is that we will continue to exist, mobilize, build reputation and fund raise millions, meanwhile; enjoy the conspiracy theory.

      As per hell cannon; shame on every opposition faction launching this murderous weapon against other civilians in Aleppo. I am against any party that commit violations of International Law. (Surprise right? you thought I will be an apologetic towards the opposition ).

حاكيني وخود الغلة !

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