Syrian Citizen Journalist Khaleed Issa Leaves This World



Update 28 June 

 Did Jabhat al-Nusra assassinate Syrian activist Khaled al-Issa? writes Syrian researcher Haid Haid The Al-Qaeda affiliate has become the main suspect behind the killing in Aleppo


UPDATE 24 June at 23:00 Turkey Time:

Syrian activist Raed Faris announced on his facebook profile the death of citizen journalist Khaleed Issa as a result of his severe wounds resulting from an assassination attempt by an explosive device. Without Khaleed; many insights into the brutality of Assad would not have been possible. Without him, as well, many insights into the beauty of Syrians and their resistance would not have been possible. Syria today lost another young man who had a lot to live for.

UPDATE 23 June at 22:03 CET:

Khaleed has been granted a German visa and his transportation is a pure medical decision in the light of his fragile health situation. Thank you for your support 

Thank you for the overwhelming support online and offline; the German Office of Foreign Affairs has confirmed to some friends that Khaleed has the visa (as per 23rd of June). However, his transportation to Germany remains under assessment as his wounds are extremely severe. This post will be updated accordingly.

Only factual aspects of this post are relevant, otherwise updates apply.

Earlier title: When German Visa is The Line Between Life & death for This Syrian Journalist

Syrian citizen journalist Khaleed Issa, who was targeted couple of days ago by the Syrian regime areal force due to his activism, is facing the risk of death due to his severe wounds and because he cant acquire an emergency German visa for medical reasons.

Together with the prominent media activist Hadi Al Abdallah and Khaleed Issa were targeted couple of days ago by an Improvised Explosive Device. The New Arab website reported in the aftermath of the assassination attempt that: “Hadi al-Abdullah is reportedly in a stable though critical condition, while Khaled al-Iessa is undergoing surgery. Both are thought to be undergoing treatment at a Turkish hospital.”

However, today we woke up to the disturbing news that Khaleed could not acquire visa for urgent medical treatment in Germany.

Prominent Syrian citizen  journalist Raed Faris originally published the following heartbreaking plea about his colleague Khaleed;

If you were a journalist sharing the reality of what’s going on in Syria, and you are on the front lines of death, the regime might try to bomb you, people might try to assassinate you, in order to silence and kill the truth. This makes sense to us.
But what we can’t understand is how countries considering themselves (our) friends, (and) support freedom of press and democracy, stand in the way of someone and his life, letting him die, because of a visa. Khaled al-Essa is in need of a visa to Germany.
From Raed post; which I could not acquire extra details about; it seems that Khaleed was not granted a visa to Germany for medial treatment:
Khaled al-Essa, a Syrian journalist who was sharing the reality from inside Aleppo, showing the crimes of Assad and ISIS, in the end when they assassinate him for showing the truth, the countries that claim to be friends of the Syrian people refuses to transfer the voices of truth for medical treatment, all because of a visa.

What Can We Do with Such and Narrow Window of Time:

  1. Do you have friends at the Foreign Office in Germany? Please share with them this post and I will make sure to get them in touch with Raed and Khaleed’s friends.
  2. Tweet this post to the account of the German  Foreign Office Use the hashtag #Germany4Khaleed
  3. Tweet it to the German Embassy in Turkey Use the hashtag #Germany4Khaleed
  4. Tweet this blog with  #Germany4Khaleed to the Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid
  5. Tell Frank Schwabe, the spokesperson for human rights and humanitarian help in the German House of Representative.

Use the hashtag #Germany4Khaleed


حاكيني وخود الغلة !

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