Syria: Dying Anyway; Why to Die Silently? Aleppo Case

“Aleppo city (north of Syria) is undergoing exceptionally (horrific) circumstances as a result of Assad’s forces, aided by his allies,  to encircle the liberated section of the city. (This move comes) to knee the residents through starvation as a war tactic. In addition to a variatey of heavy weaponry deployed against civilians (…) at ;east 300.000 civilians risks losing the minimum standards of life to survive” Introduction; Statement of Launching Aleppo Path Initiative, 18 July 2016

Nothing novel for Syrians; resolution after resolution and statement after statement  brought no light to  the end of this 6 years old tunnel. UN admits that starvation is, mostly, “systematically” deployed by government forces against civilians; but actions dont follow words. Only void stomachs, underweight children, and empty food conveys are what Syrians get.

‎Aleppo Pathway درب حلب‎


The most recent chapter in this international failure is the aggression of Assad’s forces against one of the most impoverished cities in the war; Aleppo. It happens that 300.000 human being are slowly strangled while some European Intelligence services visit Damascus to coordinate counter-terrorism with one of the godfathers of modern terrorism in the Middle East; the Assad junta.

Other unconfirmed news spoke of a visit by Ali Mamluk to Berlin, one of the bloodiest men in Assad’s circle, to offer valuable information about potential attacks. Not impossible or surprising for an official whom writes Ian Black for the Guardian “famously met US officials and boasted of Syria’s ability in penetrating terrorist groups”

Eloquently; James Sadri from the Syria Campaign articulates the unfolding tragedy:

James Sadri.jpg

Aleppo path activists have decided to make some noise; dying silently is, eventually, not an option.

If you can support Aleppo Path by anyway; as an indiviual of organization, the organizaers ask you to get in touch on:



حاكيني وخود الغلة !

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