Da Counter-Strike a ISIS, una breve storia dalla Fabbrica del Jihad in Siri

di Salim Salamah Traduzione di Claudia Avolio* This text was published originally in English: From Couter-Strike to ISIS, a short story from Syria Jihad Factory Si sa che dal primo giorno della rivolta siriana la narrativa del regime si è intessuta su racconti infarciti di jihadisti, cospirazioni saudito-qatarine e combattenti stranieri che cercavano di destabilizzare […]

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From Couter-Strike to ISIS, a short story from Syria Jihad Factory

It is a well-known fact that since the first day of the Syrian uprising, the narrative of the Syrian regime constructed of plots about Jihadists, Saudi/Qatari conspiracies and foreign fighters seeking the destabilization of Assad secular kingdom. The legitimate demands of the Syrian people were never acknowledged, furthermore the regime worked hardly to construct its […]

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#AleppoVolcano: a call for hope by civil activists

#AleppoVolcano: a call for hope by civil activists

Der al Zour, one important key city on the Iraq Syria borders has fallen to the control of ISIS last week. On the other hand, Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city and the capital of the liberated north is undergoing severe pressure by the army of Assad, Aleppo’s civil activists launched the following call #AleppoVolcano to assemble all the operating brigades of the Free Syrian Army and defend the city, the north’s hope in the face of Assad.




After the rapid fall of Der al Zour, a key city on the Iraq-Syria border, to the control of ISIS last week, and the escalation of Assad army against Aleppo combined with the ever-growing reluctance of the International community, civil activists in Aleppo and all over Syria launch a call in support for the FSA, Free Syrian Army, calling its different brigades in Aleppo and its countryside to form a centralized operations leadership named: #AleppoVolcano” and stand in the face of the sectarian militias attempting under the Assad regime leadership to besiege, hunger and control the city.

Beside an appeal for a centralized operation command room, the main elements of the call were:

– An appeal for all civil, medial and relief activists to coordinate and follow up with the centralized leadership once established

– Awareness campaigns among the inhabitants of Aleppo to update them and notify them of the challenges to come.

The call made it very clear that arms stockpiles should not be prevented from the reach of FSA, and that whoever owns them should put them at the service of the fighters in this historical moment in the life of the revolution.

Glory for martyrs, Freedom for detainees, recovery for wounded ones and victory to the revolution of dignity.

The issued statment in Arabic
The issued statment in Arabic


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Post-shelling conversation, Aleppo June 2014

Voices of different people trying to identify who might be under rubber “3 girls, No, there should be the mother too”
The location of the recording in Aleppo, north of Syria, where extensive barrel bombs attacks are initiated on daily basis by the Assad regime.
The recording takes place in the aftermath of one bloody bombing on the morning of June the 6th 2014.
Read Ibrahim Al Assil’s, Syrian blogger, testimony: Barrel Bombs: Syria’s Indiscriminate Killers: http://madina-blog.net/2014/05/20/un_barrelbombs/ upon which he blogged writing:”as a panel speaker at the UN event on Barrel Bombs and their effects on civilians. The event was held on May 14th, 2014 at the UN Headquarters in New York,”

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The Palestinian who had nothing but the wind and the Sage

“Sage” is the title of 7:30 minutes short movie produced by Bidayyat and directed by Hani Mawed that tells the story of “the consecutive expulsions and displacements (in Arabic: Al Nakba — The catastrophe) that the Syrian Palestinians have suffered from in their lives, the latest being the expulsion from Syria” according to the words of the movie’s description here.

The short movie takes place in Lebanon, somewhere by the sea, with no direct reference to the time which does not affect the narrative of the context anyway. Lebanon, the new transit-exile which is described by the main character Abu Al Tayeb as: “I lived in Lebanon for a long period once before, I cant say I “lived” as I was member of the Palestinian resistance for more than fifteen years”

Abu Al Tayeb who stands by the sea of Lebanon smoking a cigarette and recalling his days as a resistance fighter is one main character, a man in his 50s, the post-Nakba generation, a generation that had to live in the stories of their parents about Palestine and at the same time survive the camps of the exile “Syria”, a generation that could n’t achieve “I feel like we lost without achieving anything”. The type of Palestinian who never walked weightless, thats Abu Al Tayeb.

The director use a chess board as a recurring theme where the sole two characters of the movie face to talk, Abu Al Tayeb and his son keeps the chess stones moving all long the movie while exchanging questions and answers or more accurately predictions about the future and Syria. The chess which had no choice of where to go and how to move, the helpless, the stolen well and the unknown, the transit and the motion. The title “Sage” refers to a traditional herb Palestinian always used and adored to flavor their tea, only the “Sage” remains the companion and the mate throughout all the consecutive expulsions.

At the beginning of the movie, Hani uses dialogue between Abu Al Tayeb and his son as a narrative technique, laying the foundation of his story, “So when we get there wont we be coming back to Syria” the boy asks his father, “we settle down for the rest of our life, there” no precise “there” Hani gave, leaving the endings as open as the destiny of the Palestinian and also the Syrian.

The movie did not tell about Abu Al Tayeb’s final destination, we were told during the chess board game that from Beirut he is expecting a visa to Libya to where they will leave by the sea but nothing more, the trip seems to be long as the son asks his father at the beginning of the movie “What are the chances of coming back to Syria?” but no answer, only darkness and a cup of tea with a lot of sage. Very Palestinian.

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A Rahaf

This blog was published originally in English here. Guest blogger: Claudia Avolio. “A Rahaf”: Salim Salamah per il suo primo amore ucciso dal regime siriano Coi dettagli trapelati, il giovane cerca di ricostruire quanto accaduto a Damasco di Salim Salamah. Jidar 3azel (24/02/2014). Traduzione di Claudia Avolio*. L’amore si riferisce sempre al primo amore (proverbio […]

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To Rahaf

“Love is always meant for the first lover” An Arab saying I try to reconstruct the scenario in my head; rolling in my bed, my body is tensioned and I think of all the atrocities. I had this case once when my panic attacks overruled my daily life in Damascus in 2012, stopping me from […]

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Declaration of a Shared Fate

This statement is our stand for history, as Palestinian activists, we believe in a one fate, a shared fate that united us with our fellow Syrians, the same Syrians with whom we lived for over 60 years and the same Syrians who are being starved to death with us at Yarmouk Camp. Please sign, share […]

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