#AleppoVolcano: a call for hope by civil activists

#AleppoVolcano: a call for hope by civil activists

Der al Zour, one important key city on the Iraq Syria borders has fallen to the control of ISIS last week. On the other hand, Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city and the capital of the liberated north is undergoing severe pressure by the army of Assad, Aleppo’s civil activists launched the following call #AleppoVolcano to assemble all the operating brigades of the Free Syrian Army and defend the city, the north’s hope in the face of Assad.




After the rapid fall of Der al Zour, a key city on the Iraq-Syria border, to the control of ISIS last week, and the escalation of Assad army against Aleppo combined with the ever-growing reluctance of the International community, civil activists in Aleppo and all over Syria launch a call in support for the FSA, Free Syrian Army, calling its different brigades in Aleppo and its countryside to form a centralized operations leadership named: #AleppoVolcano” and stand in the face of the sectarian militias attempting under the Assad regime leadership to besiege, hunger and control the city.

Beside an appeal for a centralized operation command room, the main elements of the call were:

– An appeal for all civil, medial and relief activists to coordinate and follow up with the centralized leadership once established

– Awareness campaigns among the inhabitants of Aleppo to update them and notify them of the challenges to come.

The call made it very clear that arms stockpiles should not be prevented from the reach of FSA, and that whoever owns them should put them at the service of the fighters in this historical moment in the life of the revolution.

Glory for martyrs, Freedom for detainees, recovery for wounded ones and victory to the revolution of dignity.

The issued statment in Arabic
The issued statment in Arabic


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Post-shelling conversation, Aleppo June 2014

Voices of different people trying to identify who might be under rubber “3 girls, No, there should be the mother too”
The location of the recording in Aleppo, north of Syria, where extensive barrel bombs attacks are initiated on daily basis by the Assad regime.
The recording takes place in the aftermath of one bloody bombing on the morning of June the 6th 2014.
Read Ibrahim Al Assil’s, Syrian blogger, testimony: Barrel Bombs: Syria’s Indiscriminate Killers: http://madina-blog.net/2014/05/20/un_barrelbombs/ upon which he blogged writing:”as a panel speaker at the UN event on Barrel Bombs and their effects on civilians. The event was held on May 14th, 2014 at the UN Headquarters in New York,”

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